first timeA Place to Belong
Within the heart of all of us is a desire to belong, a desire to be known and loved by others. 
First Free Methodist Church is a church where children, teens, and adults come together to worship God, make new friends, and care about each other.  Whether you have lived in the East Liverpool area your entire life or just moved to the area, we invite you to bring your family into ours.
A Place to Call Home
Sometimes it can feel uncomfortable walking into a church without knowing what to expect.  Allow us to help you out by answering some of the more commonly asked questions of  visitors at First Free Methodist
As a visitor or newcomer will I be welcome at First  Church?
You’re always welcome to worship with us.  As you walk through the doors there is a good chance you’ll be warmly greeted with a handshake and a word of welcome. 
What if I’m not a “Christian” or don’t have a church background?
We’re glad you’re here.  We enjoy the fact that this church is made up of people who range widely in spiritual backgrounds and life experiences.  We believe that God has each of us on a spiritual journey, but we recognize that not all people are at the very same point.  Some people have been for 50 years, others for just a week or two.  We’re glad you’re here and we look forward to having God lead you forward in your faith journey.
What do people wear at First Free?
Pants, shorts, sweatpants, jeans, skirts, dresses, dress shirts, t-shirts, ties, tennis shoes, high heels, leather vests, cowboy boots, flip-flops.  Get the idea?  Feel free to wear what is comfortable for you, but do keep in mind that we have a desire to always be honoring and respectful of one another.
What takes place during a Sunday morning service?
Our typical worship service each week includes: lively musical worship, relevant messages/teaching, prayer, and other elements to enhance your worship experience.
How long is your worship service?
Our worship services are about an hour and fifteen minutes long.
What do I do with my children during church?
You are welcome to keep your children with you throughout the service, place younger children in nursery, or have them participate Junior Church.